com.anji.fingerprint com.anji.fingerprint contains classes to handle fingerprint classification.
com.anji.floatingeye com.anji.floatingeye contains classes to build and operate a "floating eye" which is an agent that can move up and down, left and right, and zoom in and out relative to an image, or "surface".
com.anji.gomoku com.anji.gomoku contains classes to handle Go-Moku (see for rules).
com.anji.imaging com.anji.imaging contains utility classes to handle image processing.
com.anji.integration com.anji.integration contains classes that provide the glue between the various components of the system, including artificial neural net implementations, JGAP, NEAT, Log4J, and persistence and presentation layers.
com.anji.neat com.anji.neat contains classes implementing NEAT framework, including genes, mutation operators, and fitness function used for XOR.
com.anji.nn com.anji.nn contains classes implementing a simple artificial neural net framework.
com.anji.persistence com.anji.persistence contains classes implementing a simple persistence interface.
com.anji.polebalance com.anji.polebalance contains classes to implement pole balancing.
com.anji.roshambo com.anji.roshambo contains classes to implement the game of roshambo, also commonly known as rock-scissors-paper. contains classes concerned with an evolutionary run.
com.anji.tournament com.anji.tournament contains classes to handle tournaments and games.
com.anji.ttt com.anji.ttt contains classes to handle Tic-Tac-Toe (see Yahooligans for rules).
com.anji.util com.anji.util contains utility classes used in the ANJI framework.