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This section describes some of the experiments that have been performed using ANJI.


XOR, short for Exclusive-Or, is a simple logic gate which returns true if either of two options is input, but false if both or neither are input. As a written statement: This one or that one, but not both or neither.

For a quick-start guide on how to set up and run an XOR experiment with ANJI, click here.


Also called "Naughts and Crosses", this simple children's game is a good starting point for evolving players for board game domains.

Click here for an explanation of Tic-Tac-Toe implemented in ANJI and a guide for how to run experiments.

Pole Balancing

Pole balancing is a control task commonly used as a benchmark. For a lengthier explanation of pole balancing and its variants, along with a description of how to perform runs in this domain, click here.

Active Vision System

Biological organisms do not process an image in its entirety, instead using attentive focus to scan and identify relevant features (you're doing this right now as you're reading these words). This system uses a small window controlled by a neural network, with the ability to move in any direction, zoom, and rotate, for gathering input from any 2D surface and then generating output. We used the system for simple shape discrimination (e.g., distinguishing between a square and a circle), though it may be applied to any domain which involves processing a 2D surface.

For a more detailed description of this system and a description of how to get started with it, click here.